The reason

A few years ago I used Wordpress, but I missed more advanced functionality. In that time I did a comparison between Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. You can read this here (in Dutch): De keuze tussen Wordpress, Drupal en Joomla. In short my reasons to switch over to Drupal were that this is a more advanced CMS. For me more future proof. Things what I really liked in Drupal is the “book” functionality, to make a complete story from separate posts. And the possibility to make a multi-site, multi-language CMS. I made it all with Drupal, but it is not easy to make and to maintain. On holidays I needed to update the plugins and core. It took me 6 hours to upload everything. The Wordpress sites are easier to update, because Wordpress is doing that on server side. I had the feeling that I had to simplify everything and standardise on Wordpress. I builded a testsite to test my current site functionality in Wordpress and I found out that the Wordpress solved a lot of my problems.

Why I like Wordpress in comparison to Drupal 6

  • In Drupal nearly everything is harder the reach your goal
  • Very user friendly
  • Wordpress contains a lot of functionality out of the box (Comment notifications, permalinks, private posts, tag cloud, revision compare, import/export, search engine ping, etc.)
  • Automatically the posts will be saved while editing
  • Easier to update the plugins and core, without using download/ftp
  • More Wordpress plugins and themes in comparison to Drupal
  • A theme for Wordpress is more backwards compatible
  • Easy to edit a theme or plugin from the wp-admin pages
  • Easier to make a custom theme for Wordpress
  • Small amount of tables in comparison to Drupal and easy to understand
  • Larger install base, so it is better tested

Before I switched over to Wordpress, I also looked at the latest Drupal 7 release. The Drupal 7 core contains more functionality right now. Do not understand me wrong the Drupal guys did an amazing job, but Wordpress suits better to me this moment :-).