This article is the last part of the migration/conversion/import of Drupal to Wordpress. In this article we are going to switch to the new Wordpress installation.

Before we are able to switch over to the new Wordpress installation, we need to do the following steps. The tools you need depends on your installation or hosting provider. You can use FTP, SSH, webbased filemanager etc.

  1. First make a “drupal” directory in your website root
  2. Move all the Drupal files and directories into this sub-directory, except the “wordpress” directory
  3. Now move all Wordpress files into the root of your website

To switch over to the new Wordpress install, do the following steps:

  1. Open phpMyAdmin and select your Wordpress database
  2. By default you will see the “Structure"-tab, this is ok
  3. You see the list with Wordpress tables, go to the “options” table
  4. Click on the first icon in this row (called Browse)
  5. Search for the record “siteurl” and click on the “Edit” icon
  6. Remove here the “/wordpress” part in the url and press the Go-button
  7. Search also in the “options” table for the “home” record and remove also here the “/wordpress” part
  8. For both records, the siteurl and home variable does not have a trailing “/

Go to your website URL, and you will see finally your Wordpress installation LIVE!!!  The old Drupal site is still available in “your-website/drupal” directory


  1. Please pay attention to the Wordpress Redirection plugin that you also need to remove the “/wordpress” part in all redirects.
  2. Maybe you want to add the “/drupal” directory to your robots.txt