Why leaving Wordpress for Hugo

Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS at this moment. Still a perfect solution for non-technical users. It has a lot of functionality and a lot of plugins are developed for Wordpress. And just because it is so popular, it is also a interesting target for hackers. You need to keep everything up-to-date. Every day I see in the logging what links the are trying. Never had a problem by the way, but I do not need a dynamic CMS. In the early days I had a simple HTML website and no chance to break in there ;). For a few years I was looking for a good static alternative for Wordpress.

Why Hugo

I tried Jekyll, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. Slow, a lot of installation packages. I didn’t like it. After that I tried Hugo and it was exactly what I was looking for. Benefits of Hugo:

  • No software safety updates on the website required
  • Simple and fast static website generation
  • Super fast rendering
  • Simple to install locally on my Windows machine
  • Theme’s are pretty easy to adapt and understand
  • Posts are easy to write in markdown language
  • Simple version management with Git
  • Easy to backup

Disadvantages of Hugo:

  • It is not for non-technical users
  • Not much tooling (yet) for migration from Wordpress, but I did my best in the following article Migration from Wordpress to Hugo

The next posts are guiding you through how to use Hugo:

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  2. Conversion tools from Wordpress to Hugo
  3. Migrating from Wordpress to Hugo