Migrating from Wordpress to Hugo

Hugo is a static website and has no dynamic services like comments. Comments can be done by using Disqus, an external service. Also all known “old” Wordpress URL’s needs to be serviced by the new Hugo website and not working URL’s needs to be forwarded. It’s not good for your search machine (Google) ranking, to have not working URL’s. Install Hugo In the Hugo Quickstart, you can find how to install Hugo including a theme and other important basic things.

Conversion tools from Wordpress to Hugo

Converting the Wordpress content to Hugo, could be a simple task, if there were good Wordpress to Hugo converting tools available. I tested 3 tools, only the first and the forth one is made for Hugo: Wordpress Plugin->Wordpress To Hugo Exporter WP2md ExitWP for Jekyll ExitWP for Hugo My own conversion tool. The tested conversion tools Before I start, I want to say anything about the Wordpress conversion.

Why changing from WordPress to Hugo

Complete guide how to migrate your Wordpress installation to Hugo