Finding solutions in Wordpress plugins for the “missing” functionality

I am using the following Wordpress plugins for replacing the Drupal functionality and modules.

Drupal content type: Book page

In the Drupal core the content type book page is available. It allows you to connect posts with each other, and it is easy to navigate through the next post in a book. Also easy to change the order of posts in a book. I found an even better solution in Wordpress, the Organize Series plugin. I like it a lot, because in every post the table of content is generated. I called it in my website “Guide” instead of series. It works very well and was available for the latest Wordpress version.


To make the website multilingual,I tested a few plugins. One of the best plugins is WPML Multilingual CMS, this is a very professional plugin. A good replacement for the i18n module in Drupal.

Update 13 Oct 2011: This plugin is a commercial plugin since 2 Feb 2011 and is also since 13 oct 2011 not available anymore via the site. Currently I do not use any kind of multi-language plugin. I just split the site up in two, for every language a separate site. It’s much more simple to maintain and no worries about plugins which are not supporting multi-language.

Automatic Translation

I do not have a replacement for my own Drupal module “i18ntranslate”, which is described here: Automatic translating content drupal by using Google Translate, but I will do this by hand.


Multi-site and/or multi-domain can be arranged with WordPress MU Domain Mapping


Drupal has by default pagination, this functionality can be replaced by the Wordpress plugin WP-Paginate.

Other Wordpress plugins which are replaceables for Drupal modules

Drupal module / functionality Replaceable by Wordpress plugin
XML Sitemap [Google XML Sitemaps](
Link checker [Broken link checker](
Similar by tags [Similar posts](
Printer friendly pages, Send by email [Printfriendly](
Ads [Adsense Optimizer](
Google Analytics [Google Analytics](