GPU temperature

To display this temperature in Gnome, start application: System->Administration->NVIDIA X Server Settings

The GPU temperature can be found in menu: GPU 0 -> Thermal Settings
Here you see the Core Temperature of the GPU

On the command line, it is possible to see the GPU temperature with the following command:

$ nvidia-settings -c :0 -tq GPUCoreTemp

Board and CPU temperatures

I am using lm-sensors to read out the temperature sensor values. Do the following to install lm-sensors:

$ sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

We need a special kernel module for the ION chipset, do the following to install this:

$ cd /tmp  
$ wget  
$ sudo insmod coretemp.ko

Now configure lm-sensors by doing the following and follow the instructions of the script (for most questions it is default, except the last question to add the line automatically in /etc/modules, say yes):

$ sudo sensors-detect

Now you can test if it is working, with the command:

$ sensors

To load the coretemp.ko module when rebooting, do the following:

$ sudo cp coretemp.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/hwmon/

Restart the machine and try to read out the sensors again, to test if the kernel module coretemp.ko was automatically loaded.