I wanted to have an issue database for managing projects and I found a comparison of this kind of systems: groups.drupal.org/node/17948

I tried the modules:

In my opinion these 4 modules were the best in the list. The are well maintained and they all have a serious install base.

Storms looks pretty good, but is a little bit to much for me. Case Tracker and Support Ticketing System also looks pretty good. But the winner is Project Issue Tracking. This is used by the Drupal development. It depends on the Project module, which can be extended also with CVS Integration and Subversion.

Installing and configuring Project Issue Tracking

The Project Issue Tracking module, depends on the following modules:

Install these modules if you did not have them installed yet. And install: [Project Issue Tracking]()

Module activation

Go to menu: Home » Administer » Site building

You need to activate the following modules:

  • Comment Upload
  • Views
  • Project
  • Project Issue Tracking

Now you are ready to issue Project Issue Tracking