Since I changed some Locale settings, I was getting the following ‘page not found’ warning in my log entries:

Type page not found
Location /sites/default/files/languages/nl_b9a0d0f79075a0e581d6f0700086988b.js?3
Referrer /admin/settings/language
Message sites/default/files/languages/nl_b9a0d0f79075a0e581d6f0700086988b.js
Severity warning

The following post was solving this problem: and this is what you have to do:

  • Download this helping temporary module:
  • Install this small module: ‘tweak locale js’
  • Open the path: /admin/settings/language#js-translations
  • Press on button:
  • Press on button:
  • Check your log if this solved your problem
  • De-install and remove the module: ‘tweak locale js’