Like 50% of the time when my Fedora Linux machine is waking up, my Logitech MX Master mouse scroll wheel is very slow. To solve the problem, I was pulling out the USB receiver and putted it back. But today I took the time to solve the problem and it works! I think it’s not a Fedora/RedHat only related bug. If you’ve the same problem with other distributions, you can also use the following solution. The solution is simple, just start a script to set with Solaar your mouse resolution setting.

Install solaar

To install Solaar:

sudo dnf install solaar

Create the systemd script

The following script will be executed when coming out of suspend, hibernate and sleep:

$ sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/wakeup-setmousecorrect.service
Description=Set Logitech MX mouse resolution



$ sudo systemctl enable wakeup-setmousecorrect.service
$ sudo systemctl start wakeup-setmousecorrect.service

Create the MX setting script

In the mx-setting-correct script, you need the device of your used mouse in case you’ve more Logitech mouses (like me)

Search for the Solaar device nr:

$ solaar show
  1: Wireless Mouse MX Master 2S
     Device path  : /dev/hidraw2
     WPID         : 4069
     Codename     : MX Master 2S
  2: Performance Mouse MX
     Device path  : /dev/hidraw3
     WPID         : 101A
     Codename     : Performance MX

Create the mx-setting-correct script and change the found device number behind config:

$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/logitech
$ sudo vi /usr/local/logitech/mx-setting-correct
solaar config 1 hires-smooth-resolution True

$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/logitech/mx-setting-correct

Try out the solution by putting your machine into sleep and wake-up a few times and finally you don’t have to pull out the USB receiver anymore. ;-)