Display kernel startup messages

$ dmesg

The logfile /var/log/messages

/etc/syslog.conf contains the configuration of this deamon

To disable the “–MARK–” messages set in syslog.conf: MARKINT to zero (minutes)

Create tar file gzipped en incl. relative path

$ tar czpf <filename.tar.gz> <path>/*


$ tar czpf asterisk_conf.tar.gz /etc/asterisk/* /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/eigen/*  

$ tar czpf fs20.tar.gz /etc/init.d/fs20 /etc/rc3.d/S80fs20 /usr/bin/fs20*  

$ tar czpf /opt/nas/rsync_scripts.tar.gz /usr/local/sbin/rsync* /usr/local/sbin/mount* /usr/local/sbin/mail* /etc/backup_exclude

Uitpakken tar file gzipped

$ tar xzf <filename.tar.gz>


$ tar xzf asterisk_conf.tar.gz

TCP/UDP data dump

$ tcpdump port [port-nr]


$ tcpdump port 5015