With the i18n module, it is possible to make a Drupal site multilingual, but the data such as site name, slogan, mission, etc. are not translated. But with a trick it is possible.

Adding Variables

Open the file: /sites/default/settings.php and add the following text:

* Multilingual settings
* This is a collection of variables that can be set up for each language when i18n enabled.
* These are the basic ones for Drupal core, but you can add your own here.
$conf [ 'i18n_variables'] = array (

It is possible to translate more website data than this, see drupal.org/node/134002.

The translation input

Go to menu: Home » Administer » Site configuration » Site information

Check if there is under sitename en slogan “This is a multilingual variable.” is written. If so, then we can translate this velden.

Do the following:

  • Switch the site to the language you want translate.
  • Fill in the multilingual fields for this language.

That’s it! If you now switch the website language, you will see that these data also switches.