Some useful packages have been backported from the development branch (trunk) to White Russian. See the RC6 00-README file for more details. To use the packages from the backports repository edit /etc/ipkg.conf and add: src backports Now run ipkg update and you will see new packages. “

How do I use WiFi Protected Access (WPA)?

You have to install the nas package (which provides WPA encryption) if not already done with:

ipkg install nas
Now set some NVRAM variables:
nvram set wl0_akm=psk
nvram set wl0_crypto=tkip
nvram set wl0_wpa_psk=
nvram commit
Replace to appropriate.
NOTE: The length of the wl0_wpa_psk NVRAM variable must be at least 8 chars up to 63 chars.
Start WPA with
Check with the ps command if there is a nas process running. If it´s not working, try rebooting the router.

For details and howto configure WPA2 or AES encryption see OpenWrtDocs/Configuration.

How do I clean up the NVRAM variables (the safe way)?Faq - OpenWrt:

If you have used other firmware in the past you probably have more than 400 NVRAM variables. Most of these NVRAM variables are not necessary for OpenWrt. You can safely delete them with the script and have a more readable NVRAM dump.

To safely clean up these variables use nbd’s NVRAM cleanup script found at

cd /tmp
wget http:/
chmod a+x /tmp/

The before and after sizes will show you how much space was recovered. The script does not commit the changes to NVRAM so you will have to do this manually with:

nvram commit

Hint: If you have configured your box in client mode (doesn’t matter if bridged or routed) and defined a ‘static_route’, this entry will be deleted by the nvram-clean-script. “