Before you go live with your website, it is important to check your sitemap! This does not the case for new sites, but in this guide we are migrating from Drupal to Wordpress. In case of migration it is important to check that all the links to your site still will work, otherwise your search engine ranking will go down. First be sure that you have installed Google XML Sitemaps.

Get your sitemaps

In case you followed this guide, you have already running the new Wordpress in the /wordpress directory. The Drupal site runs still in the root of the domain.

Use for example Firefox to get both sitemaps. Open your URL with Go to menu View->Page source (Ctrl-U), select and copy the contents of the source window. Store these in seperate files.

  • Open the original sitemap files in an editor with sort functions (like Notepad++)
  • Sort the contents of the file
  • Remove all rows, except all URL’s to your site
  • In case of the Wordpress sitemap, remove the /wordpress from the URL with search and replace
  • Remove with block mode the first characters.
  • Remove the
    strings. Caution: remind the trailing / in the URL. In Drupal I had no trailing /, but I had it in the Wordpress sitemap
  • Store the file and do this also for the Wordpress sitemap.

Now you have 2 files with the URL’s of your old and new site. Compare these files with a file compare program (like Beyond Compare) and correct the differences. To redirect the differences, you can use the plugin Redirection.

In my case I had to redirect the book-page to the guide (Organize Series).

Now we are ready to go live, you can read this in the next post of this guide.